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AES Travel Awards

The Society is making £10,000 available annually to part fund attendance at selected conferences and to undertake study visits. Eligible members can apply for a grant using the templates provided at this link. Applications will be evaluated and scored against agreed criteria by a panel of three drawn from the AES Executive Committee. Offers will be made in merit order after assessment within assigned budget limits.

Applications for support to attend conferences are invited under two calls closing on 1st May and 1st November each year. Support is only available for the following list of meetings: the EAAE Triennial Congress, IAAE Triennial Conference, AARES annual conference and AAEA annual meeting.The maximum grant available is fixed at £750.

Applications to undertake a study visit are invited through a single call each year closing on 1st November. The maximum grant available would be £1,250.

The decisions of the award’s panel are final and no correspondence will be entered into. The AES will reserve the right to terminate or suspend the scheme without notice should the need arise.

Eligibility conditions:

The following eligibility conditions apply.

Applicants must:

·Be a member of the AES for a continuous period of more than 12 months at
the time at which the application is made, and continue to be a member during
the year in which the award is made (conference and travel awards);

·Apply for a conference that is on the approved list;

·Have a paper accepted at the meeting (e.g. discussion paper, contributed paper or poster);

·Propose a study visit of merit on a topic relevant to the aims of the AES;

Award conditions:

In accepting an offer, an applicant must adhere to the following conditions:

·Use the grant for prescribed purposes, namely: registration fees, travel costs, accommodation costs;

·Acknowledge AES financial support on conference papers, posters, presentation slides, or in a manner appropriate to the activity and event;

·Provide a brief written report outlining how the support helped the professional or career development of the recipient;

·If undertaking a study visit, confirm that any outputs from the visit will not attract commercial  remuneration.

Assessment criteria:

The assessment panel will score proposals from eligible applicants under the following criteria:

·Quality of the paper (poster/discussion/contributed) and contribution of the author to
the research, or merit of the study visit proposal;

·Potential for professional development;

·Relevance of paper/visit to AES aims;

·Early career status;

·Effort to secure co-funding.

Conference Application Form