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AES/Defra 2013 One-day Conference

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The Institution of Agricultural Engineers
21/05/2014 - 21/05/2014, Cranfield University
RE-IMAGINING AGRICULTURE: Engineering as the strategic enabler...more

The First Annual Conference of Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness
30/05/2014 - 30/05/2014, London
One long day - intellectual symposiums in Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness...more

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Walsh PhD Fellowship Opportunuty in Agri-Food Economics
Implications of EU Milk Quota Abolition for the Agri-Food Sector...more

Policies for Climate Change and European Agriculture: Adaptation and Mitigation

20/09/2013 - 20/09/2013, University of Reading
Sponsored by the AES and the Department of Economics, University of Bergen, Norway
*****Room change - Conference to be held in 1L04, not the Lecture Theatre*****
Posted: 14:19:10 - 15/05/2013

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