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Agricultural Economics Society Annual Conference 2017
The Agricultural Economics Society's 91st annual conference will be held at The Royal Dublin Society, Dublin, Ireland, from Monday 24th to Wednesday 26th of April, 2017....more

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01/06/2017 - 02/06/2017, Paris

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Annual Conference Program

10:15 Montserrat Costa-Font for Cesar Revoredo Giha Consumer Preferences & Marketing 1 Rate of success of new dai ... Author(s): Dr Cesar Revoredo Giha, Dr Montserrat Costa-Font
10:15 Cathal Buckley Evironmental Sustainability 1 Nitrogen use efficiency of ... Author(s): Dr. Cathal Buckley, Dr Co Daatselaar, Professor Thia Hennessy, Dr Hans Vrolijk
10:15 Stefan Wimmer Risk Management/Diversification Specialization vs Diversif ... Author(s): Mr Stefan Wimmer
10:15 Maria Cillero Profitability & Efficiency of Livestock Farms The effect of different im ... Author(s): Ms Maria Martinez Cillero, Dr Fiona  Thorne, Dr James Breen, Dr Michael Wallace
10:15 John Lynch Environmental Sustainability 1 Comparing economic perform ... Author(s): Dr John Lynch
10:15 Geoffrey Muricho Development Economics SMALLHOLDER AGRICULTURAL C ... Author(s): Postdoctoral Research Fellow Geoffrey Muricho, Professor of Economics Damiano Manda, Senior Lecturer Fredrick Sule, Head, Social Science and Impact Assessment Unit Menale Kassie
10:15 Edgar Twine Risk Management/Diversification Risk and Uncertainty in Mi ... Author(s): Dr Edgar Twine, Dr Amos Omore
10:15 Elke Plaas Technology Adoption: Effects on Productivity Effects of using cover cro ... Author(s): Dr. Elke Plaas,  Rebekka Schütte
10:15 Caroline Saunders Consumer Preferences & Marketing 1 Maximising export returns: ... Author(s): Professor Caroline Saunders, Ms Meike  Guenther , Mr  John  Saunders, Professor  Paul  Dalziel , Mr  Paul  Rutherford
18:15 Neil Chalmers Environmental Sustainability 1 Designing a healthy and su ... Author(s): Dr Neil Chalmers, Dr Cesar Revoredo-Giha
18:15 Shuwei Zeng Animal Health/Dairy Productivity EU Milk Quota Elimination: ... Author(s): Ms Shuwei Zeng, Mr Brian Gould
18:15 Daniele Vergamini Market Power The effects of bargaining ... Author(s): Mr Daniele Vergamini, Prof Fabio  Bartolini, Professor Gianluca  Brunori, Mr Paolo Prosperi, Mr Stefano Grando
18:15 Karin Heinschink Human diet/Insurance Proposing an index-based m ... Author(s): Dr. Karin Heinschink, Dr. Franz Sinabell, Dr. Thomas Url
18:15 Cosmos Adjei Market Power THE NATURE OF CONTRACTING ... Author(s): Mr Cosmos Adjei, Dr Diogo  Monjardino de Souza Monteiro , Dr Michael  Wallace
18:15 Danilo Rolim Dias de Aguiar Consumer Choices Consumers’ Attitudes Towar ... Author(s): Professor Danilo Rolim Dias de Aguiar, Mr Murilo Carlos Celestino, Dr Adelson Martins Figueiredo
11:15 Frederic Ang Profitability & Productivity The dynamic Luenberger-Hic ... Author(s): Dr Frederic Ang, Mr Pieter Jan Kerstens
11:15 Marian Rizov Rural Development/Employment/Innovation Employment effects of CAP ... Author(s): Dr Marian Rizov
11:15 Niall O'Leary Profitability & Productivity Farmer attitudes predictiv ... Author(s): Mr Niall O'Leary, Professor  Richard Bennett, Professor  Richard Tranter
11:15 David Blandford Environmental Sustainability 2 Using emissions intensity ... Author(s): Professor David Blandford, Dr. Katharine Hassapoyannes
11:15 Ian Hodge Environmental Sustainability 2 Towards a British ecosyste ... Author(s): Professor Ian  Hodge
11:15 Tisorn Songsermsawas Profitability & Productivity Impact of modern irrigatio ... Author(s): Mr Tisorn Songsermsawas, Ms Alessandra Garbero
11:15 Philip Kostov Heterogeneity in Productivity One size does not fit all: ... Author(s): Dr Philip Kostov, Prof Sophia Davidova
11:15 Simone Angioloni Rural Development/Employment/Innovation Evaluating the Effectivene ... Author(s): Dr. Simone Angioloni, Dr. Erin Sherry Erin Sherry, Dr. Ziping Wu
11:15 Vincent Smith Global Markets The Role of Risk in the Co ... Author(s): Dr. Vincent Smith,  Alessandro De Pinto,  Richard Robertson
11:15 Adelina Gschwandtner Consumer Preferences & Marketing 2 The Willingness to Pay for ... Author(s): Dr Adelina Gschwandtner, Dr Michael  Burton
11:15 Paul Caskie Rural Development/Employment/Innovation Greenhouse gas emissions o ... Author(s): Dr Paul Caskie, Mr Paul Keatley
11:15 Christopher Gilbert Global Markets Can US Biofuels Policy Exp ... Author(s): Professor Christopher Gilbert, Dr Harriet Mugera
16:00 Doris Laepple for Gordon Sirr Farmers' Attitudes & Choices An Experimental Assessment ... Author(s): Dr. Gordon Sirr, Dr. Doris Laepple, Prof. Bradford Barham
16:00 Jon Kristian Sommerseth Technology Adoption: Effects on Productivity An analysis of the financi ... Author(s): Mr Jon Kristian Sommerseth, Dr Shailesh Shrestha, Dr Michael MacLeod, Dr Agnar Hegrenes, Professor Ragnar Salte
16:00 Doris Laepple Rural Development/Employment/Innovation The Role of Innovation in ... Author(s): Dr Doris Laepple
16:00 Paula Cullen Farmers' Attitudes & Choices Farmers with attitudes (to ... Author(s): Ms Paula Cullen,  Maxime Bougard,  Declan Heery, Dr Mary Ryan, Prof Cathal O'Donoghue
16:00 Bethan Thompson Environmental Sustainability 2 Understanding expiry date ... Author(s): Miss Bethan Thompson, Dr Luiza Toma, Dr Andrew Barnes, Dr Cesar Revoredo-Giha
16:00 Konstantinos Iliakis Environmental Sustainability 2 Technology gaps and leaps ... Author(s): Mr Konstantinos Iliakis, Dr Yiorgos Gadanakis, Prof Julian Park
16:00 Paul Nyangau Technology Adoption: Effects on Productivity Assessing the impact of in ... Author(s): Mr Paul Nyangau, Dr. Beatrice Muriithi, Dr Patrick Irungu, Dr Jonathan Nzuma, Dr Glacious Diiro
09:00 Cornelius Gardebroek Partial Equilibrium Models Analysing production shock ... Author(s): Dr Cornelis Gardebroek, MSc Elselien Breman
09:00 Daniel O'Callaghan Cooperation, extension and environmental schemes An Investigation of Condit ... Author(s): Mr Daniel O'Callaghan, Professor Thia Hennessy, Dr James Breen
09:00 Danilo Rolim Dias de Aguiar Pricing Strategy, Price Elasticities Pricing Strategies in the ... Author(s): Professor Danilo Rolim Dias de Aguiar, Ms Malu N P S Cerqueira, Dr Adelson Martins Figueiredo
09:00 Ariel Singerman Cooperation, extension and environmental schemes IS AREA-WIDE PEST MANAGEME ... Author(s): Dr Ariel Singerman, Dr Sergio  Lence, Dr Pilar Useche
09:00 David Maddison Technology Adoption & Productivity What Caused the Agricultur ... Author(s): Prof David  Maddison, Prof Katrin Rehdanz
09:00 Gabor Szabo Cooperation, extension and environmental schemes Macro- and micro-level fac ... Author(s): Dr. Gábor G. Szabo, Dr. Zsolt Baranyai
09:00 Imre Ferto Trade Economics Economic crisis and global ... Author(s): Professor Imre Ferto
09:00 Jack Peerlings Cooperation, extension and environmental schemes Effect of biodiversity fee ... Author(s): dr. Jack Peerlings, MSc Anouschka Groeneveld, dr. Martha Bakker
09:00 Junaid Arshad Pricing Strategy, Price Elasticities Collusion or Historical In ... Author(s): Dr. Junaid  Arshad
09:00 Wirat Krasachat Technical Efficiency/Total Factor Productivity TECHNICAL INEFFICIENCY OF ... Author(s): Dr Wirat Krasachat
09:00 Zoltan Bakucs Trade Economics Dairy sector trade dynamic ... Author(s): Dr. Zoltan Bakucs, Dr. Imre Fertő, Dr. Jan Fałkowski
09:00 Wilfrid Legg Technology & Productivity 2 Pathways to enhance the su ... Author(s): Mr Wilfred Legg
09:00 Cristina Salvioni Technical Efficiency/Total Factor Productivity Efficiency of Prosecco gra ... Author(s): Prof. Cristina Salvioni, Prof.  Roberto Benedetti, Prof. Alessandro Pandimiglio
09:00 Myles Patton Partial Equilibrium Models Market Impact of FMD Contr ... Author(s): Dr Myles Patton, Dr Siyi Feng, Dr Julian Binfield, Professor John Davis
09:00 Nicolas Borzykowski Pricing Strategy, Price Elasticities The Swiss market for const ... Author(s): Mr. Nicolas Borzykowski