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Agricultural Economics Society Annual Conference 2016
The Agricultural Economics Society's 90th annual conference will be held at the University of Warwick, England, from Monday 4th to Wednesday 6th of April, 2016....more

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EuroChoices Special Issue on Brexit and the Agri-Food Sector
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AIEAA Summer School 2016 for PhD and young researchers
11/07/2016 - 15/07/2016, Rende, Italy

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Annual Conference Program

10:30 Tirtha Chatterjee Discussion Papers I Does farm level diversific ... Author(s): Ms Tirtha Chatterjee
10:30 Garry Mahon Discussion Papers I EU Agricultural Income 2015 Author(s): Dr Garry Mahon, Dr Antonietta D'Amore, Ms Annabelle Jansen, Mr Jean-Claude Jeanty
10:30 Chittur Srinivasan Discussion Papers I Contribution of Product Re ... Author(s): Dr Chittur Srinivasan, Dr Guiseppe Nocella
10:30 Trevor Donnellan Discussion Papers I Exploring the Implications ... Author(s): Dr John Lynch, Mr Trevor Donnellan, Dr Kevin Hanrahan
10:30 Dorothee Buehler Discussion Papers I Don’t Forget about the Chi ... Author(s): Dorothee C. Buehler, Rebecca C. Hartje, Ulrike  Grote
10:30 Sami Myyra Discussion Papers I Income stabilisation tool ... Author(s):  Petri Liesivaara,  Sami Myyrä
10:30 Mariane dos Santos Discussion Papers I Meeting Climate Change Tar ... Author(s): dos Santos Mariane, de Aguiar Luis Kluwe,  Bansback Bob,  Revell Brian, de Zen Sergio
10:30 Anand Shad Discussion Papers I Pricing of Rainfall Insura ... Author(s): Mr. Anand Shah
10:30 Berkeley Hill Discussion Papers I Comparative analysis of th ... Author(s): Professor Berkeley Hill, Dr Dylan Bradley
11:15 Bartosz Bartkowski Choice Experiment Methodology Beyond rationality, toward ... Author(s):  Bartosz Bartkowski,  Nele Lienhoop
11:15 Nick Hanley Farm Models Pesticides and Bees: ecolo ... Author(s): Dr Ciaran Ellis, Prof Nick Hanley, Prof Adam Kleczkowski, Prof David Goulson
11:15 Doris Laepple Agricultural Extension Systems The Role of Extension on S ... Author(s): Dr Doris Laepple, Prof Bradford Barham, Prof Jean-Paul Chavas
11:15 Wilfrid Legg Food Security The role of livestock in s ... Author(s): Mr Wilfrid Legg
11:15 Rob Fraser Farm Models Compensation Payments Author(s): Professor Rob  Fraser
11:15 Daniel O'Callaghan Agricultural Extension Systems Factors Associated with Ex ... Author(s): Mr Daniel O'Callaghan, Dr Thia Hennessy, Dr James Breen
11:15 Mauro Vigani Technical Efficiency I The impact of risk managem ... Author(s): Dr. Mauro Vigani, Dr.  Jonas Kathage
11:15 Herve Dakpo Technical Efficiency I Agri-environmental subsidi ... Author(s): Dr K Hervé Dakpo, Dr Laure Latruffe
11:15 Philip Kostov Labour, Productivity and Farm Structurey Effect of family labour on ... Author(s): Dr Philip Kostov, Prof Sophia Davidova, Dr Alastair Bailey
11:15 Shailesh Shrestha Farm Models A farm level approach to e ... Author(s): Dr Shailesh Shrestha
11:15 Marco D'Errico Food Security Household resilience to fo ... Author(s): Mr Marco d'Errico, Ms Rebecca Pietrelli, Mr Donato  Romano
11:15 Patrick Gillespie Technical Efficiency I Accounting for fishing ves ... Author(s): Dr.  Patrick R.  Gillespie, Dr.  Ben Breen
11:15 Deb Roberts Food Security Income growth and malnutri ... Author(s): DR PATRICIA MELO, DR YAKUBU ABDUL-SALAM, PROF DEB ROBERTS, DR LIESBETH COLEN, DR SEBASTIEN MARY
13:30 Montserrat Costa-Font Valuation Introduction of new food a ... Author(s): Dr. Montserrat Costa-Font, Dr. Cesar Revoredo-Giha
13:30 Karin Heinschink Resilience and Risk Index-based Costs of Agric ... Author(s): Karin   Heinschink, Franz   Sinabell, Christoph   Tribl
13:30 Anastasio Jose Villanueva Choice Experiments/Agri-Environmental Schemes Serial non-participation a ... Author(s): Dr Klaus Glenk
13:30 AlanRenwick Resilience and Risk Regulatory Failure and Ris ... Author(s): Dr Alan Renwick
13:30 Patrick Gillespie Valuation Valuing the Waterville fis ... Author(s): Dr Patrick R. Gillespie, Dr Stephen Hynes, Mr Paul O'Reilly
13:30 Faical Akaichi Valuation Substitutes or Complements ... Author(s): Dr. Faical Akaichi, Dr. Klaus  Glenk, Dr. Cesar  Revoredo-Giha
13:30 Taro Takahashi Choice Experiments/Agri-Environmental Schemes Non-farmers’ willingness t ... Author(s): Dr Taro Takahashi, Ms Kaori Maruya, Dr Toru Nakajima
13:30 Janet Dywer Resilience and Risk Examining the determinants ... Author(s): Professor Janet Dwyer, Dr  Mauro Vigani
13:30 Sophie Thoyer Choice Experiments/Agri-Environmental Schemes Compensating environmental ... Author(s): M Le Coent Philippe, Dr Preget Raphaele, Pr Thoyer Sophie
13:30 Mohamud Hussein Trade Hedonic Analysis of Origin ... Author(s): Mohamud Hussein Visiting Research, Newcastle University, Iain Fraser University of Kent, Marco Costanigro Colorado State University
13:30 Donatus Ohajianya Farm Productivity in Africa and Asia Analysis of Farmland Value ... Author(s): DR OHAJIANYA DONATUS OTUIHEOMA, PROF. ASIABAKA CYRIL CHIGOZIE
13:30 Linhai Wu Farm Productivity in Africa and Asia Empirical Analysis of the ... Author(s): Linhai Wu Food Safety Research Base of Jiangsu Province, School of Business, Jiangnan University Synergetic Innovation Center of Food Safety and Nutrition, Jiangnan University, Dian Zhu Department of Economics, School of Dongwu Business, Soochow University School of Food Science and Technology, Jiangnan University
14:45 Eny Sulistyaningrum Discussion Papers II Household Food Demand in R ... Author(s): Mrs Eny Sulistyaningrum
14:45 Jason Loughrey Discussion Papers II The Inequality of Farmland ... Author(s): Jason   Loughrey, Trevor   Donnellan, John   Lennon
14:45 Christina Siettou Discussion Papers II Avian Influenza: outbreaks ... Author(s): Dr Christina Siettou
14:45 Sophia Davidova Discussion Papers II Rural Jobs and the CAP: Sp ... Author(s): Prof Sophia Davidova, Dr Thia Hennessy, Prof Ken  Thomson
14:45 Patrick Gillespie Discussion Papers II Competitiveness of the iri ... Author(s): Dr Patrick R. Gillespie, Dr Fiona Thorne, Mr Trevor Donnellan, Dr Thia Hennessy, Dr Laurence Shalloo
14:45 Brian Kuns Discussion Papers II Towards an agroholding typ ... Author(s): Mr. Brian Kuns, Dr. Oane Visser
16:15 Piotr Spiewanowski Discussion Papers III Did the Fertilizer Cartel ... Author(s): Dr Hinnerk Gnutzmann, Dr Piotr Spiewanowski
16:15 Saul Basurto Hernandez Discussion Papers III A Mexican Ricardian analys ... Author(s): Mr Saul Basurto
16:15 Essien Akpan Anita-Obing Discussion Papers III AES 2016 -Discussion paper Author(s): Mr Essien Akpan Antia-Obong, Dr Carmen Hubbard, Mr Guy Garrod
16:15 Allan Butler Discussion Papers III AES 90th Annual Conference ... Author(s): Dr Allan Butler
16:15 Andreas Tsakiridis Discussion Papers III CALF RETENTION Author(s): Mr Andreas Tsakiridis
16:15 Bartosz Bartkowski Discussion Papers III Are diverse ecosystems mor ... Author(s):  Bartosz Bartkowski
09:00 Frederic Ang Technical Efficiency II To mix or specialise? A co ... Author(s): Dr Frederic Ang, Mr Pieter Jan Kerstens
09:00 Ervin Prifti Rural Issue / GHG Mitigation Stuck exchange: can cash t ... Author(s): Dr Ervin Prifti, Dr Silvio Daidone, Dr Benjamin Davis, Dr Paul Van Ufford, Dr Michelo Stanfeld
09:00 Angie Higuchi Food Consumption The TPB and the impact on ... Author(s): PhD Angie Higuchi, PhD Jorge E. Dávalos Chacón, PhD Martin Hernani-Merino
09:00 Maria Martinez Cillero Technical Efficiency II Technical efficiency and t ... Author(s): Ms  Maria Martinez Cillero, Dr James Breen, Dr  Fiona Thorne, Dr Michael  Wallace, Dr  Thia Hennessy
09:00 Barbara Tocco Farmer’s Attitudes and Choices Part-Time Farming in Italy ... Author(s): Miss Barbara Tocco, Prof Sophia Davidova, Dr Alastair Bailey
09:00 Jiao Lu Food Consumption Consumer Preference and De ... Author(s): Jiao Lu Food Safety Research Base of Jiangsu Province (School of Business), Jiangnan University Synergetic Innovation Center Of Food Safety and Nutrition, NO.1800, Lihu Avenue, Wuxi, 214122, China, Linhai Wu Food Safety Research Base of Jiangsu Province (School of Business), Jiangnan University Synergetic Innovation Center Of Food Safety and Nutrition, NO.1800, Lihu Avenue, Wuxi, 214122, China, Shuxian Wang Food Safety Research Base of Jiangsu Province (School of Business), Jiangnan University Synergetic Innovation Center Of Food Safety and Nutrition, NO.1800, Lihu Avenue, Wuxi, 214122, China, Lingling Xu Food Safety Research Base of Jiangsu Province (School of Business), Jiangnan University Synergetic Innovation Center Of Food Safety and Nutrition, NO.1800, Lihu Avenue, Wuxi, 214122, China
09:00 Domna Tzemi Farmer’s Attitudes and Choices Examining Irish farmers’ a ... Author(s): Ms Domna Tzemi, Dr. James Patrick  Breen
09:00 David Blandford Rural Issue / GHG Mitigation Now that the party's over: ... Author(s): Professor David Blandford, Professor Ivar Gaasland, Professor Erling Vardal
09:00 Steve Wiggins Rural Issue / GHG Mitigation Rural demography in the de ... Author(s): dr Steve Wiggins, ms Sharada Keats