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Agricultural Economics Society Annual Conference 2018
The Agricultural Economics Society's 92nd annual conference will be held at The University of Warwick, UK on 16th - 18th April 2018...more

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Joint Defra-AES one-day Conference

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7th AIEAA Conference
14/06/2018 - 15/06/2018, Conegliano Veneto (Italy)
Evidence-based policy to face new challenges for agri-food systems...more

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Annual Conference Program

10:00 Adelina Gschwandter Contributed Papers I Improving Drinking Water Q ... Author(s): Dr Adelina Gschwandtner
10:00 Adewale Henry Adenuga Contributed Papers I Modelling Regional Environ ... Author(s): Mr Adewale Henry Adenuga, Professor John Davies, Professor George Hutchinson, Dr. Trevor Donnellan, Dr. Myles Patton
10:00 Faical Akaichi Contributed Papers I Do consumers in the UK tra ... Author(s): Dr. Faical  Akaichi, Dr. Klaus  Glenk, Dr. Cesar  Revoredo-Giha
10:00 Gerald Toland Contributed Papers I Analyzing Total Factor Pro ... Author(s): Dr. Gerald Toland, Dr. Raphael Onyeaghala
10:00 John Lynch Contributed Papers I Greenhouse gas emissions i ... Author(s): Dr John Lynch
10:00 Uwe Latacz-Lohmann Contributed Papers I Assessing farmers‘ prefere ... Author(s): Prof Uwe Latacz-Lohmann, Dr Julia  Schreiner
10:00 Nick Hanley Contributed Papers I Incentivising participatio ... Author(s): prof nick Hanley, Dr Oleg Sheremet,  Enni Ruokamo, professor Artti Juutinen, professor rauli svento
10:00 Eniko Zita Vigh Contributed Papers I Climatic conditions and cr ... Author(s): Mrs Enikő Zita Vígh, Dr Lajos Zoltán Bakucs
10:00 Lilian Korir Contributed Papers I Food security and househol ... Author(s): Miss Lilian Korir, Prof  Marian Rizov, Dr  Eric Ruto
10:00 Martin Paul Jr Tabe-Ojong Contributed Papers I A triple hurdle model of t ... Author(s): Mr Martin Paul Jr Tabe-Ojong
14:00 Danilo R D Aguiar Discussion Papers I GHG Emissions Associated w ... Author(s): Professor Danilo R. D. Aguiar, Ms Giovanna T. C. Simoes
14:00 Mohamed Nur Bahiah Discussion Papers I Factors Influencing the De ... Author(s): Mrs Nur Bahiah Haris,  Guy  Garrod , Dr Menelaos  Gkartzios , Dr Amy Proctor
14:00 Vera Eory Discussion Papers I Eliciting uncertainty: exp ... Author(s): Dr Vera Eory, Dr Clare Bond, Dr  Adam Butler, Dr Kairsty Topp
14:00 Ahmed Ferchiou Discussion Papers I Bio-economic modelling of ... Author(s): Dr Ahmed Ferchiou, Dr Didier Raboisson
14:00 Axel Schaffer Discussion Papers I Region-specific drivers an ... Author(s): Prof. Dr. Axel Schaffer,  Claudia Duevelmeyer
14:00 Saul Basurto Hernandez Discussion Papers I The influence of climate c ... Author(s): Mr Saul Basurto Hernandez, Professor  David  Maddison, Professor Anindya Banerjee
14:00 Michele McCormack Discussion Papers I Factors influencing Nutrie ... Author(s): Dr michele mccormack, Dr Cathal  Buckley
14:00 Emma Jane Dillon Discussion Papers I Labour input and technolog ... Author(s): Dr Emma Jane Dillon, Mr Brian Moran
14:00 Evgenia Micha Discussion Papers I Assessing the importance o ... Author(s): Dr Evgenia Micha, Mr Andreas  Tsakiridis, Dr Cathal  Buckley
14:00 Neil Chalmers Discussion Papers I Measuring the trade-off be ... Author(s): Dr Neil Chalmers, Dr Cesar  Revoredo-Giha, Dr Faical  Akaichi
14:00 Abdoulaye Seck Discussion Papers II Heterogeneous Credit Const ... Author(s): Dr Abdoulaye Seck
14:00 Aristide Maniriho Discussion Papers II One cow per poor family: e ... Author(s): Mr Aristide Maniriho, Dr Pia Nilsson, Assistant Professor Mikaela Backman, Dr Lina Bjerke
14:00 David Maddison Discussion Papers II The Disamenity Impact of S ... Author(s): Prof David  Maddison, Mr Reece Ogier, Dr Allan Beltran-Hernandez
14:00 Nico Polman Workshop: Novel approaches to agro-environmental provisio Farmer collectives as a de ... Author(s): Dr Nico Polman, Dr. Roel Jongeneel
14:00 Zoltan Bakucs Discussion Papers II Convergence or divergence? ... Author(s): Dr. Zoltan Bakucs
14:00 Simone Pfuderer Discussion Papers II The Importance Of Moral I ... Author(s): Dr Simone Pfuderer, Professor Richard Bennett
14:00 Michele McCormack Discussion Papers II Measuring Total Factor Pro ... Author(s): Dr michele mccormack, Dr  Fiona  Thorne, Dr Kevin Hanrahan
14:00 Neil Chalmers Discussion Papers II Incorporating preferences ... Author(s): Dr Neil Chalmers, Dr Cesar  Revoredo-Giha
16:15 Nick Hanley Contributed Papers II Spatial coordination in Pa ... Author(s): prof nick Hanley, dr laure kuhfuss, prof frans de vries, prof Sophie Thoyer, dr raphaele praget
16:15 Longyao Zhang Contributed Papers II How does Land Titling Aff ... Author(s): Dr. Longyao Zhang, Dr. Wenli Cheng
16:00 Amar Daxini Contributed Papers II Which factors influence fa ... Author(s): Mr Amar Daxini
16:00 Mary Ryan Contributed Papers II The Economics of Agri-Envi ... Author(s): Dr Mary Ryan, Ms Paula  Cullen, Prof Cathal O'Donohgue
16:00 Hyacinth Edeh Contributed Papers II Examining perceived land t ... Author(s): Mr Hyacinth Edeh, Dr George Mavrotas
16:15 Amar Daxini Contributed Papers II Which factors influence fa ... Author(s): Mr Amar Daxini, Prof  Andrew Barnes, Prof Cathal O'Donoghue, Dr  Mary  Ryan
16:15 Robert Fraser Contributed Papers II Compensation payments, ani ... Author(s): Professor Robert  Fraser
16:00 Imre Ferto Contributed Papers II Extensive and intensive ma ... Author(s): Professor Imre Ferto
16:00 Hyacinth Edeh Contributed Papers II Welfare Effect of Urea Dee ... Author(s): Mr Hyacinth Edeh, Dr George Mavrotas
16:00 Christopher Gilbert Contributed Papers II A Model of Grains Prices w ... Author(s): Professor Christopher Gilbert
16:15 Elizabth Whalley Contributed Papers II The effect of lump-sum vs ... Author(s): Dr Elizabeth Whalley, Dr  Ciara Dangerfield, Professor Nick Hanley, Professor John Healey, Professor Chris Gilligan
10:00 Berkeley Hill Symposium on Brexit studies and their findings at farm level Symposium on Brexit studie ... Author(s): Professor Berkeley Hill